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Update for community members - taking a little spring "break"

April 13, 2018

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Hey folks!

I debated whether this warranted an official blog post, but decided it was the best way to reach those who don't follow us on Instagram. I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be taking a little break from posting on Textillia's social media, and further scaling back my presence here - just temporarily, barring any unforeseen events.

It's for a good reason, as *drum roll* I finally got a diagnosis for the mysterious progressive illness that I’ve been so debilitated by the past several years! I’ll spare you the details here, but the condition is autoimmune so it should be treatable. Not curable, as it is a chronic condition after all, but if I respond half decently to the treatment, I should be able to function quite a bit better. Some people respond quickly, others take from several months to a year, so it’s still going to be a long road, but I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan, and real hope to get at least somewhat better (or at least stop getting worse)!

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