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Frequently Asked Questions! If you have a question for us, you can ask it in the Forums or if it's something private, send it as an email through our Contact page.

Q: What is Textillia?

Textillia is an online community and database for all things sewing - garments, quilting, embroidery and cross stitch, accessories, home decor, and fabric/thread based textile art. If you put thread and fabric together, you're in the right place! You can read a bunch more about the website and who's behind it on our About page.

Q: Do you sell patterns or fabric? How can I find your prices and shipping info?

We DO NOT sell any fabric or patterns ourselves, we just host a database indexing information about them. For information on where to purchase items or about specific patterns or fabrics, you will need to contact the manufacturing company or designer directly. The patterns mostly have links to where you can buy them, but with fabric you will have to hunt around online. You can always post in the forums if you're having trouble finding something specific, and maybe someone else will have some ideas!

Q: What is your stance on racism?

We have zero tolerance for racism and hate speech on Textillia. Our full statement can be found here, but please note: we have limited resources and will not be responding to baiting and antagonizing emails on this topic.

Q: Are you still planning to charge for memberships?

Yes, Textillia is free while in beta, and then it'll be $20 USD per year to remain a member - more details here.

Q: How do I add content or pages to the site?

Anyone can add the other types of content - projects, patterns, and materials, from the button in the top right of their respective section landing pages. Just be sure to search first and make sure it doesn't already exist!

Only business owners (or their representatives) should add business pages to the site - this can be done with the button in the top right of the landing pages (Designers, Companies, Shops) in the Community section. If your business page already exists, contact us to claim it!

Q: I own a business - how do I set up my business page?

Log in and then head over to this forum thread for more info.

Q: Can I advertise on Textillia?

Not yet. Please do not post "ads" as projects or in the forums, they will be removed. If/when we start allowing ads and sales to be posted on Textillia, we will let everyone know via the blog and/or the newsletter, so keep an eye there. Also, we sometimes promote sales and events for companies that have set up their business page in our newsletter, so follow us on Instagram to keep an ear out when we're looking for announcements to include.

Q: How can I promote my company on Textillia?

Some ways you can participate and promote your business in allowed ways is by:

  • Creating a business page for your business with info about your product or service if it fits our guidelines (more info here).
  • Adding patterns you've designed to our patterns database with a link to your blog/pattern page (tutorials for finished items are allowed, but currently we do not host tutorials for techniques).
  • Adding your own sewing projects with a link to your site/blog to the projects section.
  • Filling in your own member profile with info about yourself and what you do.
  • Engaging with others in the forums is always a great way to connect too!

Note: When patterns and projects are added, they become eligible to be featured on our homepage, and in our newsletter and social media, at our discretion.

Q: What's an "affiliate link"? Why can't I use them? Does that mean I can't link to where to buy a pattern or fabric I designed?

A: Regular links to info about your pattern or fabric is fine (to the main info page, which may include buying options)! "Affiliate links" on the other hand are special links that some companies (like Amazon, and various other companies) create so you get a commission on the sale of a product when it's bought by someone following your specific link. For now they're not allowed on the site, because we don't want a chaotic free for all of affiliate links, especially when we cannot track whose links they are. 

Q: How to I report a bug/problem or make a suggestion about the website?

Hop on over to the forums! Bugs and problems go here and ideas and suggestions go here. Thanks!

Q: How can I support Textillia?

There's some info on how to support Textillia on our blog, and if you want to financially support the project you can either make a donation or buy a shirt!

Q: Why haven't you been blogging or sending newsletters much anymore?

Publishing blog posts and newsletters has been sidelined by Ariane's autoimmune disease which is restricting her ability to type. We will still post when there's big news, but otherwise be sure to follow us on Instagram for more regular sharing of links, patterns, and updates.

Q: How can I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to have an account on Textillia, just drop us an email through our Contact page. Include your username and the email you've used for your account, and we will delete it in a jiffy - no questions asked.

Please note: 

  • Account deletions are permanent and will include the permanent deletion of all projects you've uploaded. You will need to register a brand new account if you wish to log in again.
  • Our email newsletter list is separate from your account, and you will need to unsubscribe from it separately, using the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of one of our emails.
  • Donations are also separate from your account. To cancel recurring donations set up through Donorbox, follow the instructions here, or if you have any trouble you can contact us for help.