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Introducing February’s Patreon project, the Sweetheart Apron!

From its origins as a workaday dress protector, by the 1940s and 50s the humble apron had evolved into a garment in its own right as part of the housewife's daily wardrobe. Simple to make and inexpensive to buy, the apron became a novelty item, to be themed with the seasons and the occasion. Women wore aprons not just functionally but decoratively: a dinner party hostess would welcome guests in her prettiest dress and daintiest ‘cocktail apron’ - I’ve seen vintage examples in glamorous fabrics like taffeta, satin and organdie, clearly not designed for functionality.

The Sweetheart Apron is designed for form AND function - the heart shaped bib is large enough to protect your dress from spills, and the matching pockets will take your phone, bobby pins and lipstick. The design is inspired by a 1944 copy of Women’s Illustrated magazine - which is one of the free magazines included for patrons this month. I’ve included two styling options, one using 1” bias binding to finish the raw edges (check out the tutorial for detailed instructions to get the perfect sharp V and mitred corner!), and one using a ruffled trim. You can also omit the bib and just make a half apron - perfect for cocktail party entertaining!

Get the pattern and instructions on my Patreon page!