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I'm Charlotte. I live in London with my sweetheart, and I wear a lot of original vintage and me-made clothing. I'm slightly obsessed with novelty prints, early plastics and 1940s tilt hats, and I believe that style is for everyday, not just for special occasions.

I've been interested the fashions of days gone by, and their historical context, for as long as I can remember; even as a small child I enjoyed dressing up as a "Victorian". In early adulthood I struggled with fashion. I was never really able to find myself in current trends and had difficulty finding clothes to fit and flatter my hourglass figure. I pined for the structured silhouettes of the 1940s and 50s.  

Despite my lifelong obsession with vintage fashion, for a long time it simply didn’t occur to me that wearing it day-to-day was an option. I was selling vintage clothing on eBay, wishing I could get away with wearing it, and one day I had an epiphany: instead of wishing, why not just go ahead and wear it? I finally worked up the courage to ignore my inhibitions and follow my heart. 

The clothing styles of decades past speak to me as modern fashion never has. When I realised I could just wear vintage fashion on a daily basis, I finally felt free to express my true self through my personal style.

My experience has made me a fierce advocate of actively expressing your personal style in general, and of vintage style specifically. While it might be daunting to diverge from the norm of mainstream fashion at first, these days my wardrobe simply feels as it should — like a natural extension of my personality. That's what you'll find here on Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage, along with the inspirations that have shaped and continue to shape my style. 

Thanks for visiting!

Patterns by Tuppence Ha'Penny