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UPDATE: We've rolled out the upgrade! It was in the works for a long time, and we're very excited to wrap up this phase of development, and move forward again with building out more functionality. You might notice some small new bells and whistles (and also small theme bugs - if you do, please do report those in the forums or through the contact form!), but otherwise it should all look very similar to before, but nothing should be glaringly broken. And now, onward!


Hi everyone!

The plan is as follows: we'll take the site offline on Thursday morning PST time, launch the upgrade process, and bring it back on line once everything is done and migrated. If all goes well, the site will go offline on Thursday morning around 8am PST, and should be back online around 8pm PST.

There should only be very minor differences between the previous version of the site and the upgraded site, so if anything isn’t working as it should, please let us know through the contact form.

Also, a really big thank you to everyone who volunteered to test the upgrade - we were able to fix a bunch of issues thanks to you all trying things out, so your help is much appreciated!