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From Cozy Blue:

with loving attention, gentle support, patience and kindness, good things will flourish. and whether you're caring for yourself, your family and friends, pets or plants, or your community, taking good care is so important.
the newest design in my 'helping hands' collection, TAKE GOOD CARE is a good reminder for all of us.


here's what you'll get:

+ PDF file detailing several methods of transfer instructions
+ full sized pattern
+ list of the embroidery floss color and stitches i used in the example photo.. feel free to use them as a guide if you like, or do something totally unique -- it's up to you!
+ my 'getting started with hand embroidery' guide
+ an instructional how-to for my favorite basic stitches


*finished size is approximately 5.5" high -- fits nicely in a 6" hoop.