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It's weelittlestitches but wee-er! And little-er!
Meet Pixel People Minis - cuter, quicker stitches for the busy crafter.

We're so excited about the Minis version of our very popular Superhero Alphabet Sampler! This one is a much quicker stitch, with all the geeky cuteness of the original in half the time!

Who's Who on the Pattern? A: Aquaman, B: Batman, C: Cyclops, D: Deadpool, E: Elektra, F: Flash, G: Green Lantern, H: Hulk, I: Iron Man, J: Jean Grey, K: Kilowog, L: Logan, M: Martian Manhunter, N: Nightcrawler, O: Oracle, P: Power Girl, Q: Quicksilver, R: Robin, S: Spider-man, T: Thor, U: Union Jack, V: Vision, W: Wonder Woman, X: Professor Xavier, Y: Yellow Jacket, Z: Zatanna

Fabric: 11 count Aida
Grid Size: 121W x 154H
Design Area: 8.18" x 10.55" (90 x 116 stitches)

Our Pixel People Minis patterns are designed to be stitched at a larger scale than usual -- for 11 count projects we recommend using 3 strands of floss for cross-stitches and 2 strands for backstitching. The samples for these projects were stitched over 3 strands of 28 count linen - resulting in 9 stitches per inch - for stitches that chunky we used 4 strands of floss for our cross-stitches and 2 strands for backstitching.

This cross-stitch pattern comes with a full colour chart with floss legends in DMC, JP Coats, and Anchor, although of course all colours can be replaced as per the stitcher's preference.