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From Blueprints for Sewing:

This zine walks you through creating a simple, comfortable, and cute elastic waist skirt with patchwork pockets. There are 3 pocket options, from easy to advanced, making this an enjoyable project for all levels of sewist.

The booklet includes handwritten and hand drawn instructions and anecdotes.

This digital 2nd edition includes minor edits/updates. When you purchase this download, you are also buying a 'license' to print up to 10 copies of this zine to share with others. This zine may not be reproduced for sale, only given away for free.

This PDF is formatted to print in order, ready to be stapled and folded into a booklet, with options for standard or duplex (able to print two sided) printers.

The simple elastic waist skirt with patchwork pockets was inspired by the Meyer May house, a well known Frank Lloyd Wright home in Grand Rapids. The home features many amazing design elements, but this skirt is specifically inspired by the geometric stained glass windows.

The name Prairie Skirt comes from the term 'Prairie School', used to describe a group of turn-of-the-century architects in the Midwest, focused on creating a truly American, prairie inspired style as a counterpoint to the high Victorian homes at the time. This simple skirt makes use of some of the key foundations of the style: horizontal lines, geometry, and functionality with a touch of the organic. Fun Fact: While Frank Lloyd Wright had some (VERY) questionable behaviors in his personal/romantic life, he was an early supporter of 'reform dress' for women - a more relaxed and comfortable silhouette - at a time when most women were corseted.