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From Fabworks:

Scuba Fabrics

'What is scuba?' I hear you say!

Scuba is a recent addition to the dressmaking world. It has become extremely popular in a very short time and is part of the jersey family of textiles.

We love our scubas because they come in a range of vivid, exciting colours and patterns and they often have a lively, contemporary feel. With a texture very similar to neoprene, scuba can be light or heavy in weight. It's knitted, completely synthetic and 100% polyester. That might sound off-putting, but the unique way that scuba is made means that it has excellent drape quality, it's highly stretchable, and it's far stronger than many heavyweight jerseys!

Scuba's Great For...

It's suitable for winter as well as summer dressmaking projects: it's the perfect fabric to wear all year round! You can also use scuba for swimwear too! Most people tend to make garments such as fitted skirts, dresses or jackets because the weight of the material is often more forgiving on fitted garments due to scuba's great structure.