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My name is Saremy (rhymes with Jeremy) and I *live* stream sewing every Thursday and Saturday on YouTube.

I also upload videos that are complete sew-throughs and quick how-tos. Feel free to make a request!

Let’s be real-we aren’t sewing for ourselves because it’s faster or cheaper. So let’s make it fun, pain free and successful. And let's sew together! We can chat about what you like to sew most, how I did that, or what you want to sew next. We will focus on bags, clothing, fit, finishing, and setting up for success.

I've worked as a designer and pattern drafter in the fashion and outer wear industry, I had my own factory for ten years for a line of accessories called Chicken Boots, and I've sewn just about everything. I like a good armhole, sleeves that fit, sewing jeans, top stitching, grading, and trouble shooting. I'll sew knits, and wovens and technical fabrics. I'm great at bags and bias binding too. I'm up for most things but I'll avoid projects that I can potentially see a fit issue with...yikes ;)

Hope you'll join us! It's a friendly and nice group of sewists! All the live streams are uploaded for viewing later and you can pause, rewind and fast forward. We have sew alongs too!

Happy sewing!

Patterns by Sew Sew (live)