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Hi everyone!

The latest new functionality includes:

  • Newsletter signups during registration
  • Lots of new "Add" content buttons
  • Pattern stashing!
  • Forum images
  • Server move complete

Before we get started, we have a really quick survey for all Textillia members, especially those of you who have sewing related businesses. One of our most important goals is to support indie sewing businesses, so we would love to hear your thoughts on how we can support you best, while also making Textillia awesome and sustainable. Click here for the survey!

Textillia business survey

Thanks for taking a few minutes to fill that out! Now, here's the latest installment of new functionality we've added before the holidays arrive...

Newsletter signups during registration

As of a few days ago, there's now a checkbox to signup for the newsletter during registration. If you registered earlier and missed signing up for our newsletter, there's a signup form at the bottom of the site! The newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on new functionality we're adding, and make sure you don't miss out on any important announcements!

Lots of new "Add" content buttons

We got some great feedback from members about making it easier to add content from more parts of the site, so we've added a whole bunch of new "Add" buttons for patterns, fabric, and projects. You can add new Fabrics straight from a Designer or Company's Fabrics page, and new Patterns from their Patterns page if you see that something is missing.

Add Pattern from Designer's Pattern page

And you can add your Projects directly from their respective Pattern page, which is handy if you've just searched to see whether the Pattern is already in the database. All the "Add" and action buttons are the red ones in the top right of any page, so it's easy to tell what you can do on a given page.

Add buttons on Pattern page

Pattern stashing!

In the image above, you'll also see a new button "Add to stash". Thanks to numerous requests from Textillia members, now you can stash both fabrics and patterns! You can track which patterns you own, as well as what type of pattern it is (printed vs. PDF), and whether it's already been prepared for use. Once stashed, you can view all of your stashed items in the Stash section of your Studio (using the menu at the top right).

Stash add form

Forum images

Another popular member request that we weren't planning to implement for a while, but got bumped up the priority list: Forum images! When you start a new forum thread, now you can add images to it, which is great when you need some advice on garment's fit or a technique you're stuck on. We don't have images on the individual comments yet, but it's also on the to-do list. 

Forum images

Server move

Last, but not least, the server move happened last week - not too exciting news-wise, but you should notice that file uploads are completing a lot more quickly, and we'll have better support as the site grows, so yay!