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  • New features: quilting + embroidery specific fields, thread section overhaul, and more!

    January 31, 2017

    As you might have noticed, we rolled out a whole pile of new functionality the week before last! I'll walk you through it all so you have an idea of what we've added, which falls into six categories:

    1. New Quilt fields
    2. New Embroidery fields
    3. New Garment section for body shape/alterations on projects
    4. Thread collections (and overhaul of threads)
    5. Quilting fabric precuts
    6. Refined form design

    Before telling you about all of that, we need to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped hash out the details of what was needed in the forums, and for your patience as we embarked on this a few months back and crammed way too much in so it took longer than expected! Note to self: smaller chunks next time! :)

    Precuts on collections

  • January Sew-Together: Robes!

    December 31, 2016

    We kicked off last year with a sewalong and it was so much fun that we decided to do it again! After taking an informal poll over on our Instagram, we got the most votes for making robes this time around - a perfect, fun and easy sew for all levels. Super moderator Ksenia (aka. Owl Laughing) has lived up to her title once again, and has been adding tons of robe patterns to the database in preparation!

    Robe sewing patterns | Textillia.com

  • Textillia shirts have arrived!

    November 16, 2016

    Textillia sewing shirts are here!

    Since everyone who responded on Instagram was keen for us to go ahead with the print on demand shirts, we're going for it! Here are some photos of the shirt samples we got, and info below that about the shirts and how to order. Every shirt ordered helps fund development of Textillia.com and also makes you the coolest quilter or sewist around. :)

    Use the code FREESHIPc40446 through November 21st for free shipping on all orders over $45 US / $80 International! (Code is valid from now until 11/21/16 extended to Nov. 24 at 11:59pm CST.)

    Get your shirts!

    Here are some photos of my favourite styles - lots more colors and styles are available over in the shop...

  • News from the Sewiverse: Summer!

    August 11, 2016

    News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

    • Rosie Martin from DIY Couture's "No Patterns Needed"
    • Fancy Tiger Crafts Adventure Tank
    • Helen's Closet Winslow Culottes
    • Seamwork Eugene + Harrington
    • Melody Miller Trinket Quilt
    • Dottie Angel Wrap and Slip Dress
    • Seamwork Elmira + Lynn
    • Sew Caroline San Francisco Swing Top + Dress
    • Giuseppe Ribaudo Flying Geese Patchwork Bag
    • A. L. + Lindsey Neill Donut Delight Quilt
    • Cashmerette Springfield Top
    • Made by Rae Gemma Tank
    • Christine Haynes Lottie Hacks
    • Events and Workshops
    • Best of Blogs + News, and Podcasts!

    News from the Sewiverse Summer 2016 - sewing patterns, news, and events

  • The Books section is here!

    July 18, 2016

    Hey everyone, hope summer is treating you well! In case you don't follow us on Instagram or missed the post, we'll be a bit less active on the newsletter and blog post front over the summer, while I take a little breather and try to get this pesky arthritis flare to calm down. But fear not, we're not going anywhere! Textillia is still open 24/7 for you to hang out, search the database, and plan and post your projects - plus, Bruno has commenced on the gargantuan task of implementing Groups! He'll be focusing on that for the remainder of the summer, but we'll also try and squeeze in a few smaller bits here and there. Without further ado...

    The Books Section!

    The first part of Textillia's new Resources section is up: Books! The books section works much like the patterns and fabrics sections. You can help build it by adding books that are missing, and filling in all of the fields as completely as possible so they show up in the right places around the site (like the author's page, the pattern pages, etc.) As usual, just search for the book you're looking for, and if you don't find it, add it!

     Sewing Books!

  • June News from the Sewiverse

    June 26, 2016

    Big news: Textillia's homepage, and Patterns + Fabrics sections are now and forevermore PUBLIC!!! This means that if you aren't a member yet or you're not logged in, you can see the homepage (minus the featured projects), and search the patterns and fabrics database! Projects, member profiles, commenting, etc. are still members-only, but now everyone can get a good feel for the site before joining. All part of our "get out of beta" preparations!

    And in case you missed it, the Textillia blog now has an RSS feed and we're also on Bloglovin' (both links are also at the bottom of the site) - be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any posts! (You can keep an eye on the updates thread in the forums for more detailed announcements of all the new features on Textillia.)

    Now, onto the news...

    News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe!

    Textillia Sewing News for June 2016

  • May News from the Sewiverse!

    May 26, 2016

    Ariane on TextilliaTextillia badges are here!!!

    A quick announcement before we get to the news: Don't miss our fun new badge generator!!! Just click the red "Get my badge" button on the left side of your profile page, and it'll generate the code for you to put on your own blog or website, including a custom link back to your profile. Now everyone will be able to find and friend you on Textillia, and check out your projects! Yay!!!

    Now, onto the news...

    News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe!

  • Textillia Stash-a-thon May 14 + 15! (Call for moderators!)

    May 9, 2016

    The Textillia Stash-a-thon kicks off this Saturday! We'll be in full Stash-a-thon party mode all weekend! Bruno and I will be hanging out in case you need help with anything, and I'll also be working on logging my own stash in between helping everyone out. Help us build the database while getting a bunch of your pattern and fabric stash logged - it's also a great excuse to go through your stash and see what's in there!

  • April News from the Sewiverse!

    April 26, 2016

    Before we get started, we wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who's been responding to our call for help! We really felt the love last week, seeing more people posting on Textillia and also a ton more people joining - hello and welcome to all the new members! 

    News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

    • Blueprints for Sewing Geodesic
    • Closet Case Patterns Morgan Boyfriend Jeans
    • Carolyn Friedlander x RK Essex Linen = Euclid
    • Made by Rae is on Creativebug, Sewing for Little Ones!
    • Cashmerette Concord T-Shirt
    • Megan Nielsen Sudley Blouse
    • Art Gallery Fabrics The Denim Studio
    • Cotton + Steel "Checkers" Out This Summer 
    • Robert Kaufman Greenwich
    • Tessuti Audrey Shirt
    • Lizzy House Whisper Palette
    • Events and Workshops
    • Best of Blogs + News, and Podcasts!

  • Textillia is 6 months old + we need YOUR help!

    April 18, 2016

    It's hard to believe, but as of this past week Textillia has been live for six months! We're so happy with how far things have come, both with adding new functionality to the site and with our growing community. Thanks so much to everyone who's already gotten involved - we're grateful to have each and every one of you here, taking part in our grassroots effort to build the Ravelry of sewing!

    6 months of Textillia

    We've had such generous offers of help from many of you, but ironically because my chronic illnesses limit my time online so much, it's been difficult to help you help us - I'm happy to say that as we get more established, that is changing! Some lovely volunteers have already stepped up and taken the time to add loads of fabric and patterns to the database. One member in specific, Ksenia aka. Owl.Laughing deserves special thanks, as she has taken it upon herself to add what must by now be hundreds of patterns to the database! Thanks so much Ksenia, for all the time and effort you've contributed!

    Now that we've got lots of the basics established, we are ready for you to dive in and help as we work towards our goal to get out of beta before the end of the summer (hopefully sooner!) The biggest missing piece of functionality we want to get in place by then is Groups. Groups will be a core part of the community focused side of Texillia, and will enable us to create a bunch more tools for the business pages as well. We know how important this will be with the increasing challenges of using social media to stay connected with sewing friends and businesses, so this will be a key step in making the sewing community of our dreams!

    Ready to help? Here are 5 ways you can get involved...

  • March News from the Sewiverse!

    March 26, 2016

    News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

    • Papercut Patterns launches their Ahoy! Collection
    • Grainline Studio releases the Driftless Cardigan
    • Straight Stitch Designs' new Wedgewood Skirt
    • V + Co. Moda Ombre Basics + quilt patterns
    • Heather Ross Mendocino Reprint
    • Events (Workshops near and far, and a sewalong!)
    • Blogs + News, and Podcasts!

  • Mendful March!

    February 29, 2016

    My mending pile is threatening to overtake my sewing table. It's OUT OF CONTROL! I found myself wondering if it's just me, and posted on Instagram... It turns out I'm not alone.

    It's time. Let us climb mending mountain together! Let's make this coming month a group project: Mendful March.

    Decluttering, getting rid of old unused possessions, and being more mindful about our consumption habits (including when it comes to sewing - see Felicia from The Craft Sessions' "Stash Less" series) has been a popular theme this past year. I'm pretty sure it was Katrina Rodabaugh's blog where I first came across the term "mendfulness". As Katrina put it, it's about "...the intersection of mending, making, and reclaiming".

  • Creating your Project Queue (plus forums, photos, searches, and mobile!)

    February 23, 2016

    The Queue is here!!!

    One of the features we knew we wanted to add soon when we launched was the Queue, and we were so excited to roll it out last week! If you're familiar with the queue functionality on Ravelry, this is similar but with some important differences, most notably that your queue will display both patterns you've queued and any "active" projects you're working on. Essentially anything you're planning to work on or currently working on will show up - it behaves as a complete to-do list, as we know it's common to work on multiple projects at once and struggle with staying organized!

    1. News from the Sewiverse for Mid-February!

      February 15, 2016

      News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

      • Paprika Patterns' versatile Opal Cardigan
      • The Grainline Archer Popover pattern add-on
      • Sonya Philip's 100 Acts of Sewing Pants no. 1
      • Abby Glassenberg's Asleep Awake Doll
      • February's Seamwork Magazine: Almada robe and Lisbon night gown
      • New fabric collections from Nani Iro and Liesl Gibson 
      • Sewalongs and Workshops
      • Best of the blogs and podcasts

    2. The Cal Patch Sew-along is a Wrap!

      February 9, 2016

      A bunch of brave sewists joined together to start off 2016 with a really fun sew-along! It was really more of a "group sew" since we were all making slightly different self-drafted patterns while following Cal Patch's Creativebug "Pattern Drafting with Knits" class. We made it a casual work-at-your-own-speed sew-along, as some people made their first self drafted garment ever, while others cranked out multiples tweaking their patterns more quickly...there was a LOT of experimenting going on, and it was refreshing to be in "learning" mode more than "production" mode for a change. Having such an enthusiastic and supportive group made tackling a slightly intimidating topic a joy, so thanks again to everyone who joined in, and to Cal who checked in regularly to provide encouragement and help when we had more challenging questions!

    3. News from the Sewiverse for Late-January!

      January 26, 2016

      News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

      • Straight Stitch Designs releases the Montlake Tee
      • Thread Theory's first women's pattern: the Camas Blouse
      • Sarah Watts' super fun Cat Lady collection for Cotton + Steel
      • Upcoming events
      • Best of the sewing blogs and podcasts

      Straight Stitch Designs Montlake Tee

      Clearly I'm not the only one who's caught the sewing with knits bug! Who can ever have too many t-shirts? Straight Stitch Designs just released the Montlake Tee! It's a beginner-friendly pattern for a classy t-shirt with a scoop neck and multiple sleeve length options, that will look and feel great no matter where your day takes you.

    4. Using the fabric database (and stashing fabrics!)

      January 19, 2016

      We're always glad when people ask us how to do things they don't understand, and give us feedback about where they're getting stuck using the site. It helps us learn what is less user-friendly, and what we might need to change in the future, and that's useful information! (If you have a question or some feedback, don't hesitate to post about it in the forums!) 

      One of the questions that keeps coming up is how to stash fabrics and add to Textillia's fabric database.

      Fabrics database

      How does the fabric database work?

      The fabric (and fabric collections) database is a subset of the "Materials" section of Textillia, which currently contains fabrics, fabric collections, and thread, and will likely someday contain other things like notions and other tools. The fabrics that are already in Textillia's database have been added either by me or by other site members. Anyone can add fabric, fabric collections, thread, and patterns to the main database - we think of these as the "community managed" content types. It might be a surprise that anyone can add and edit these kinds of content, but the reality is that if I tried to add all known fabrics to the database myself, it would take my entire lifetime and then some! We can build it a LOT faster working together.

    5. News from the Sewiverse for Mid-January!

      January 12, 2016

      News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

      • Creativebug Block of the Month series with Heather Jones, Anna Maria Horner, and Carolyn Friedlander
      • Colette's Phoebe Sew-along starts today!
      • East Coast and West Coast (and Australia!) sewing retreats and workshops galore!
      • Make new sewing friends with Whipstitch's 2016 Sewing Buddy Project
      • Textillia Reads Goodreads Group
      • Highlights from the sewing blogs...

      Creativebug Block of the Month

      As if Creativebug had somehow heard me when I declared one of my sewing resolutions for 2016 would be to make my first quilt, they're doing a Block of the Month series all through 2016! Modern quilters and fabric designers Heather Jones, Anna Maria Horner, and Carolyn Friedlander start each month off by teaching you how to sew a different quilt block. All the info and the first block are on their Block of the Month page.

      Creativebug Block of the Month

    6. Late-December News from the Sewiverse!

      December 27, 2015

      News from the Sewiverse is all our latest news and finds: indie pattern launches, podcast episodes, interesting articles, and all the goings on in the sewing universe! In this edition:

      • Colette's final pattern of the year, the perfect for the holidays Phoebe Dress
      • Paprika Patterns releases the funky Zircon Sweater & Dress
      • Blueprints for Sewing has a free pattern for the super cute Townhouse tote bag
      • Cloud 9 Fabrics is shipping Lisa Congdon's Kindred (and is making organic cotton knits!)
      • Highlights from the sewing podcasts and blogs

      Colette Phoebe Dress

      Colette released their third and final pattern of the year, the Phoebe Dress. It looks like an instant hit to me - so versatile as far as season, style, and fabric - a real classic. The samples for the pattern release were mostly very winter/holiday-friendly, but I'm really enamored with the denim version and could see that being a great year-round staple. And I have to mention Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts' Pendleton wool plaid Phoebe, it could not be a more perfect holiday dress!

      Colette Phoebe velourColette Phoebe denim

    7. A survey, "add" buttons, pattern stashing, + more!

      December 14, 2015

      Hi everyone!

      The latest new functionality includes:

      • Newsletter signups during registration
      • Lots of new "Add" content buttons
      • Pattern stashing!
      • Forum images
      • Server move complete

      Before we get started, we have a really quick survey for all Textillia members, especially those of you who have sewing related businesses. One of our most important goals is to support indie sewing businesses, so we would love to hear your thoughts on how we can support you best, while also making Textillia awesome and sustainable. Click here for the survey!

      Textillia business survey

      Thanks for taking a few minutes to fill that out! Now, here's the latest installment of new functionality we've added before the holidays arrive...