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This dress was fun to sew, but the sleeves really gave me some trouble since I need to do some pattern adjustments. See mods for more details. Otherwise, this was a pretty straightforward project. One important note to self: Ensure directional sewing on bias seams of skirt so as to NOT warp the pattern pieces. I have this impossibly puckered/warped section at the back of the skirt that I can't fix-- I've ripped and steamed and stitched a couple times without any improvement.

 I sewed the shoulder pads and then never bothered using them.

Also, I really, really, really love this linen dress. It's very cool and the summer and the fabric has the right drape for this dress. The next dress I sewed out of this fabric was vintage cotton and it was too stiff/lacked drape.


Graded pattern out at the waist and through the hips, my standard pattern adjustment. Another common adjustment is to shorten the upper bodice between my shoulders and bust, and I definitely needed it on this pattern because of the extra ease (for style) and the large shoulder pads called for in this pattern. I ended up altering the sleeve piece and removing multiple inches @ what would have been the shoulder seam (if there had been one, but there's not because the sleeve has a raglan-type design).