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This is my second Toaster, and I was super excited about making it with this extra thick organic cotton fleece.

I wish I could say it turned out perfectly (because I love my first Toaster SO MUCH and wear it all the time), but the fabric didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. This fleece is not only thick but quite heavy and has very little stretch. It made the sweater pretty stiff, and was really hard to serge. Because the serger wasn't dealing well with that much thick fabric, it stretched out the seams a bit - you can see it in the wave of the bottom hem band. And on the inside, this means all the seams are super stiff and sticking out. That might be fine for most people, but I have a skin condition that results in getting hives wherever clothes rub or press and I have a bad feeling that the ridge of seam is going to cause problems. I'll see how it goes, and might have to attempt some modifications later to make the seams lie flat.

Anyway, no fault of the pattern, but a good lesson that there are limits in how thick and heavy a fabric should be used for a close fitting garment like this!

ps. Pardon the RBF facial expression, I'd just had minor surgery on the inside of my mouth and my lower lip was numb/paralysed (hopefully temporary!)